The short version

Will Sinclair: Director / Writer. Having written and directed several award winning short films, including 'Tell it to the Fishes' starring Dylan Moran and Gerrard McSorely, I was one of eight people selected for the inaugural BBC Directors Academy 2006, a scheme aimed at fast tracking new talent into mainstream drama.

I have subsequently directed many television shows including Poldark, Misfits, Vera and Wolfblood.

There is a full filmography at the bottom of the page or to download a filmography / CV click here.

I also have a drawer full of exciting feature film scripts.

The long version

The story so far...

Shortly after my 16th birthday I discovered how to make small and rather dangerous explosive bloodpacks using the gunpowder from cap guns and ketchup. This 'skill', when combined with a close friend's Hi-8 video camera, sparked a love of film making... albeit a fairly limited / dangerous kind. From there I surprisingly went on to gain a 'Course Distinction' at LCP’s Media Foundation course, Then it was off to filmschool in Edinburgh where I stayed for 4 years, along the way writing and directing The Little Man, as part of the prestigious BAFTA / Fujifilm Scholarship Scheme and The Pantheon Project which went on to be screened as part of lots of festivals including the Edinburgh International one!

After that, it was into the real world and several years spent writing and directing self-funded short films with money made from working as a jack of all trades on numerous documentaries including Paddington Green and Ship Wrecked.

Eventually, one of the shorts I wrote captured the imagination of producer Carol Murphy and subsequently comic legend Dylan Moran. Together we made the film that changed everything for me. The release of Tell it to the Fishes coincided with the launch of the BBC's Directors Academy and after a couple of rounds of interviews and 4 weeks training, I was directing EastEnders. I have gone on to direct lots of exciting projects including Poldark, Misfits and Wolfblood, and picked up a few awards along the way.

What happens next? Who knows? Who knows? If you do, feel free to get in contact with my agent. His details are here.

Cheers, Will x


Winner: RTS (Northern) Best Drama 2014: Vera Series 5

Winner BAFTA (Performer).RTS. (Drama) 2012: Wolfblood

Winner of the RTE/ Filmbase Short Script Award 2006: Tell It To The Fishes

Director credits

2020-21: Bloods. Series 1. Sky 1, Roughcut
Episodes 1- 6
Producer: Seb Barwell
Exec: Ash Atalla

2017: Bounty Hunters. Series 1. Sky 1, Cavebear / Tiger Aspect
Episodes 1- 6
Producer: Pippa Brown
Exec: Ben Cavey

2015 – 16 : Poldark. Series 2. ITV Studios / ITV
Episodes 1 - 4

2014: Vera. Series 5. ITV Studios / ITV
Producer: Margaret Mitchell

2013: Vera. Series 4. ITV Studios / ITV
Producer: Margaret Mitchell

2012: Vera. Series 3. ITV Studios / ITV
Producer: Margaret Mitchell

2012: Wolfblood. Lead Director. Series 1. CBBC / ZDF.
Episodes 1,2,3 & 4. Producer: Foz Allen

2011: Misfits. Series 3. Clerkenwell Films / E4.
BAFTA winning drama. Producer: Matt Strevens.

2008 - 10: Casualty. BBC1
Various episodes. Including two 'stand-alone' and an 'End of Season Finale'. Producers: Lucy Rafferty, Rebecca Hedderly and Hamish Wright.

2008: The Invisibles. Company Pictures / B.B.C 1
Comedy drama written by Billy Ivory
Series 1. Episodes 1, 2 & 3
Producer: Richard Burrell

2007: Other People. Drama. Company Pictures / Channel 4
Broadcast pilot written by Toby Whithouse and starring Martin Freeman.
Producer: Emma Burge

2007: EastEnders. BBC1 Serial Drama
Various episodes between Oct 2006 - July 2007

2006: Tell It To The Fishes, Short film, 10 mins, 35mm
Winner of the RTE/ Filmbase Short Script Award. Lottery funded by the Northern Irish Film and Television Commission.
Starring Dylan Moran (Black Books, Shaun of the Dead) and Gerrard McSorley (The Constant Gardener, Felicia’s Journey)
Selected for: London International Film Festival, Palm Springs Festival, LA Shorts Festival. Cork International Film Festival, Chicago Irish Film Festival, Tribeca International Film Festival 2007, End Of The Pier International Film Festival 2007

2006: Hoodies. A series of 12 interstitials for the Paramount Comedy Channel.
Entered into the 2006 Promax awards.

2005 : Automaton, Short film, 8 mins, 35mm.
Sci-Fi Drama. Runner up ‘Best Film’ NPA Annual Film Awards 2006.
Accepted for distribution by the British Council.
Screened at: 2007 Eastend Film Festival

2003: The Last Days of Dobson, Short film, 5 mins, digi-beta.
Opened the Portobello Film festival, London.
Runner Up ‘Best Film’ 9th Annual Real to Reel Short Film Awards Glasgow.
Nominated ‘Best Film’ Pictures @ Piano Screening, Soho
Screened at ‘Off the Hook’, Raindance 2003, Featured in Showreel Magazine.

2000: The Pantheon Project, Short film, 10 mins, super 16mm.
Acquired for distribution by Universal Pictures / Hypnotic.
Nominated ‘Best Director’ BT’s short film awards.
Screened at: 2001 Kino film festival, 2001 Edinburgh International Film Festival, Young Gifted & Broke, Raindance Film Festival 2001, Shortwave Film Festival.

1999: The Little Man, Short film, 15 mins, 16mm.
Selected finalist for the BAFTA / Fujifilm scholarship scheme.